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The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature 2017


The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature is an animated adventure comedy for the whole family. This is a continuation of fun, and at the same time dangerous adventures of squirrel Surly and his faithful sidekick, the rat Buddy. Squirrel Surly and his friends - Buddy, Precious and Andie are now living at the...

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Baywatch 2017

1080p (MKV) BRRip 1080p (MP4) BluRay TS (MKV)

Baywatch is an American adventure film, a remake of the eponymous series of the 1990s. The plot of the comedy movie Baywatch revolves around of the lifeguards working on the Pacific coast of the USA. They are always at their post and protect travelers against accidents on the water. An experienced...

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The Dark Tower 2017

720p (MKV) HD-TS 720p (MP4) HD-TS

The Dark Tower is an adaption of the famous book series of Stephen King. It is a mix of horror, science fiction and western. This film becomes the first chapter of the trilogy telling an enormous story of Ronald Deschain’s travel. His universe is a world with feudal system full both of magic and...

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Lady Macbeth 2016

1080p (MKV) BluRay BRRip HDRip (MP4)

The film Lady Macbeth is a screen version of novella by Nikolai Leskov Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk. There is Victorian England. Katherine is a beautiful young girl without dowry. She is given in marriage to a rich and quite elderly landlord without her will who is also sterile. Alternatively...

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Beatriz at Dinner 2017

1080p (MKV) Web-DL HDRip

Beatriz at Dinner is a comedy movie that ironizes over the situation very subtly in which a very polite American society found themselves. Movie Beatriz at Dinner is a kind of witty parable about the attempt of the poor and the rich to make contact with each other, turning into a catastrophe. The...

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Kill Switch 2017

1080p (MKV) BluRay 1080p (MKV) Web-DL HDRip

The events of the sci-fi movie Kill Switch take place at our near future. Scientists of the future conduct an experiment to obtain unlimited energy from parallel worlds. However, the experiment got out of control at some point. The result of the catastrophe threatens by a massive apocalypse for...

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Everybody Loves Somebody 2017


Everybody Loves Somebody is a romantic comedy about life choices and the impact of family to the privacy. The main character of the film Everybody Loves Somebody is a young and attractive girl named Clara Barron. At first glance, it may seem that she is quite happy. Clara has a great house in Los...

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My Name Is Emily 2015


Movie My name is Emily is the drama by Irish director Simon Fitzmaurice. Once young Emily lost her mother. However, this is not all tragedy. At the same time, her father was taken to a psychiatric hospital. The life full of unexpressed resentment and deprivation began for the girl. Because she was...

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