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Insidious: Chapter 4 2017

1080p (MP4) BluRay

Mystery franchise Insidious by Blumhouse Pictures was continued under the name of Insidious: Chapter 4. According to rumors, Insidious: Chapter 4 reveals more details the backstory of Elise Rainier. Moreover, the roles of the actresses Ava Kolker and Hana Hayes indicate this, who will play Alice...

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Battle of the Sexes 2017

1080p (MP4) BluRay HDRip (MP4)

Biographical comedy Battle of the Sexes is a story about the confrontation for supremacy and gender superiority in a tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King. The former first racket of the world Bobby Riggs is fun, sharp-tongued provocateur 55 years old. 29-year-old athlete Billie...

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The Star 2017


Events of animation film The Star 2017 take place on the eve of the well-known Christmas holiday. The film will present its glorious traditions, the history of occurrence, as well as tell about the miracles that take place during the holidays. The main hero of the cartoon The Star is a little, but...

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American Assassin 2017

1080p (MKV) Web-DL HD-TS (MKV) HDRip

New American action film American Assassin tells another story about how a former special agent decides to start World War III. This is the adaptation of one of the books about Mitch Rapp by Vince Flynn. The protagonist of the thriller is a young CIA agent Mitch Rapp. He was in the department...

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Justice League 2017


Justice League is a powerful response to The Avengers from the WB and DC Comics. However, Superman is sleeping, and director Zack Snyder only hints about the return of the main defender of the Earth. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne turns for help to his new friend Diana Prince. Because he has a...

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Slamma Jamma 2017


Slamma Jamma is a drama film about the sport, but rather pro basketball. The film's protagonist basketball player named Michael Diggs. He is a former basketball star, but he was illegally charged and sent to jail. Now the road is closed to the sport forever for him. But the love of basketball...

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The Wedding Plan 2016


The Wedding Plan is a romantic comedy by director Rama Burshtein, which was nominated for best film at the Venice Film Festival. The plot revolves around 30-year-old orthodox Jewish woman named Michal. She was not always so, but now she unswervingly adheres to her faith and worldview. There is the...

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